Saturday, February 2, 2008

Three Spanish Popsicles and me: Part 2

I'm so sorry for the delay in between Washington DC posts. I guess I have run out of steam these last few weeks. I am at work all day, and by the time I get home, all I want to do is sit in front of the TV and go into a daze. Weekends are pretty much spent curled up on the couch, watching B movies from the 80s. My computer hasn't been feeling well for a while so not much Internet surfing for me (which is a relief to my credit card!), I can't be arsed lately to look up recipes in cookbooks; I can't even bring myself to watch the Food Network because I know I'll start salivating at the food, realize I have nothing to make in the fridge, and then have to be forced to go out and buy groceries.

So, I'll elaborate on my path of self-destruction another time..

Back to DC. The first evening we spent there, we weren't really sure where to go to have dinner. And did I mention it was FUCKING COLD. We didn't want to walk around aimlessly. We needed a plan. On the map the hotel gave us were some restaurant suggestions; capital! One of them was a tapas place called La Tasca. The name has special meaning to me and Rafa. It is the name of a Spanish restaurant we used to frequent quite a lot in Liverpool, and where I discovered I had an unhealthy obsession with chicken croquettes. We thought it was funny that there was another Spanish restaurant of the same name across the pond in DC.

So, we went there... And it was the same La Tasca!

It turns out that the franchise has a few locations in the US. Yay! Another reason to go back to DC! We were there on a Wednesday, and lucky for us, Wednesday was all-you-can-eat-tapas day! So, for a set price to each guest, we could order as many types of tapas as we wanted. Until we literally bust a gut. And we did... bust a gut, I mean. I had about ten chicken croquettes, gambas al ajillo up the wazoo. I ate so much food that night I'm actually sick now remembering it. I think my body somehow knew that in the next few days I wouldn't be able to taste food at all, because I was making up for it all that night. It was lovely to be in the restaurant; it felt somehow familiar in a place I wasn't familiar with at all.

I learned something about myself when it comes to sharing food. I am extremely greedy. Usually it's me and Rafa, and we get our own thing. And even if we go out with my family as a group, we get a few appetizers to share but the main course is all mine. But if I'm in a group just ordering small appetizers or tapas, I literally want it all to myself. I run into a panic where I think I will still be hungry. What is it about small portions that makes us all the more greedy?I think the whole world needs to move to the Mediterranean or southern Europe to learn how it's done.