Sunday, April 27, 2008


Deep in my heart, there's no room for crying
but I'm trying to see your point of view
Deep in my heart, I'm afraid of dying
I'd be lying if I said I'm not

Welcome in, welcome in
Shame about the weather
Welcome in, welcome in
You will come
It's a sin, it's a sin,
We're birds of a feather, are welcome to, land on you

Ya Ya Ya
Ya Ya Ya
You've got my eyes
We can see, what you'll be, you can't disguise
And either way, I will pray, you will be wise
Pretty soon you will see the tears in my eyes..

My niece, Mia, was born yesterday morning. A feeling of relief and utter joy erupted inside me - she was finally here. I could finally look into her eyes and say, 'Mia'. Of course, all the family gathered into a small visitor's lounge brought on the usual chaos, but I was still able to steal a couple of moments away with my girl. The doting grandmothers' and know-it-all aunt's consensus was that Mia had my lips, and my eyes. Who am I to argue with them?! :) I looked over at my sister, tired in her eyes, and you could see each painful burst of contraction she felt in the way she squinted her eyes and gritted her teeth - I told her, you did all the work, I get all the credit. Truth be told, Mia will probably not end up looking like me, but it's nice to see that a part of me, a part of our family, is now breathing, sighing, yawning, crying. I love her. Liam was very curious about his new sister - and said, in his now flawless English - 'this is MY sister'. The emotion quickly came back to me, I had to hold back tears, I looked at my sister, gave her a knowing look amid all the chaos, as if to say to her, 'yeah, you did a great thing'. Welcome in, Mia.